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Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-29

      Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies are becoming more and more mature, and smart homes are beginning to approach people's lives.

      And smart bathroom may be is the first choice for people to experience. After all, for modern people, social networking can be done through the Internet, and food can be taken through food delivery. Except bathing and going to the toilet. As one of the most frequently used areas in the home, the intelligent investment in the bathroom can greatly improve the quality of life.

      For a family, the choice of toilet is very important. You can see many styles of toilets in the market. These toilets are ordinary and intelligent. If you prefer intelligent toilets , everyone must know the relevant knowledge in advance, so do you know how to choose a smart home toilet?


How to choose a smart toilet

1. It’s not that the more functions, the better: the more functions, the more valuable consumers will feel, but generally as long as there are “ heated seat”, “warm water cleaning”, “warm air drying” , "automatic deodorization", "nozzle moving massage cleaning", "power saving" and other functions are enough. Most of the brands in the market are doing a good job in these main functions, the difference lies in the performance of the details.

2. The higher the safety factor, the better

MAZZAM smart toilet have Eight Protection

3. Sewage discharge capacity: A good smart toilet has complete sewage discharge, large flushing area, low noise, water saving and smooth surface.

4. Whether it is easy to clean: carefully observe the surface of the toilet, see if it is flooded under the light, and then touch the surface with your hand. It should be clean, smooth, and crystal clear; there are no obvious pinholes, lack of glaze and cracks; tap the toilet, The sound is crisp and pleasant, no cracking sound, no shape deformation, etc.

MAZZAM smart toilet adopts high-quality ABS material. Uv resistant material is added to cover plate and antibacterial material is added to the boom seat ring, which makes it safer and healthier.

5. The water tank accessories that pay attention to the fine selection of the bathroom are easily overlooked. In fact, tank fittings are more prone to quality issues than the heart of a toilet.

MAZZAM smart toilet---Patent technology of small water tank

Heat faster, constant water temperature and continuous heating to ensure the purity and hygiene of the water. Compared with the traditional instant heating type, it can effectively prevent the heater from rupturing in extreme environments in winter, and the quality is more stable and durable.

I believe everyone knows how to choose a smart toilet. Hope MAZZAM smart toilet brings a better experience to your smart home.