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Intelligent Bidet Purchasing Guide

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

Due to the growing demand of the younger generation pursuing high-end lifestyles, the smart bathroom technology market is expected to usher in a glorious future in the next ten years. As the smart devices for bathroom,we could take care of the following factors to choos the  best smart toilet seat.


Mazzam Workshop with 30 Years’ Experience Of Manufacturing Electronic Products,Smart Toilet have passed ISO9001 product quality system certification, CE certification of European Union and WATERMARK certification of Australia, etc. The scientific and perfect management system of the company has covered various links from product design, raw materials procurement, product production, product sale and after-sales service to guarantee the high quality of each smart bidet toilet.

Each intelligent toilet has to past high intensity aging test,which simulates 900 times of uf using.The aging test greatly enhance the durable performance.We have 950sqm laboratory consisting of electronic components, salt spray, control board cold and heat shock, EMC , mute room, plastic, safety test room, reliability,intelligent toilet complete machine etc laboratory.

The laboratory covers an area of 950 sqms and consists of electronic components laboratory, salt spray laboratory, control board cold and heat shock laboratory, EMC laboratory, mute room laboratory, plastic laboratory, safety test room, reliability laboratory. Toilet ceramic body laboratory, intelligent toilet complete machine  laboratory, has basically solved the high-end electronic toilet performance test and analysis requirements.50 sets advanced injection molding machine All use new medical ABS material ceramic simulation plastic technology Industry manipulator production.


 Integrated Smart Toilet: the lid and the ceramic bowl are all-in-one, beautiful and generous;

 Split Intelligent WC: The cover is separated from the ceramic bowl, which is easy to disassemble and economical.

3. Heating mode:

 Thermal storage type: The water storage type smart toilet refers to a fixed water tank that heats water. It can keep hot water for a long time or temporarily, and combined with a device to control the water temperature and pressure. The smart toilets on the current market are mainly thermal storage type, which has the advantages of relatively economic price, high safety performance and convenient use.

 Instant heating: Ceramic heating tube is used to heat water tankless. The cleaning water is directly heated by the heating tube for use. Cold water can be heated rapidly (in 1minute)to a warm temperature , which saves electricity and expecting time.

4. Structure

 Flushing water tank: The modern smart toilet contains a flushing water tank, which has a large water consumption and a good flushing effect; the flushing is not affected by water pressure, and it can simultaneously achieve mechanical flushing, electronic flushing, and flushing without relying on the circuit when the power is off;

 Non-flushing water tank: There is no flushing water tank inside the product. The smart wc toilet is directly flushed with pipe water controlled by a pulse valve, most of which are water-saving toilets. The design is compact and can still be flushed by the product’s built-in dry battery during power failure.


 Wash Down type: the lushing pipeline is simple, the path is short, and the pipe diameter is thick (generally 9 to 10 cm in diameter). The gravitational acceleration of the water can be used to flush the surface. The flushing process is short and easy Wash down larger dirt without blockage, and there is no need to keep waste paper baskets in the bathroom.

 Siphon type: The structure of the smart flush toilet

is that the drainage pipe is in the shape of "S". After the drainage pipe is filled with water, a certain level of water will be generated. The suction force generated by the flushing water in the sewage pipe in the toilet will be used to drain the stool. The siphon is divided into vortex siphon and jet siphon.

(1) Vortex siphon

This kind of smart toilet flushing port is located on the side of the bottom of the toilet. When flushing, the water flow forms a vortex along the pool wall, which will increase the flushing force of the water flow on the pool wall, and also increase the suction force of the siphon effect, which is more conducive to the toilet. The internal dirt is discharged.

(2) Jet siphon smart toilet has been further improved by toilet manufacturer, and a jet auxiliary channel is added at the bottom of the toilet,At this time, part of the water flows out from the water distribution holes around the toilet ring, and part of it is ejected from the jet port. This type of toilet uses a larger water flow on the basis of a siphon to quickly flush away the dirt.

(3)Toranto Flush technology

a hole free rim design creates a centrifugal force to clean the bowl more efficiently; combined with Nano tech glaze that gives the bowl a glossy quality that whisks away all of particles from adhering.


(1)Korean original imported motors, has more torque and longer service life, prevent the nozzle get stuck in operation.

(2)Best Smart Bidet Toilet Seat Self-cleaning Systerm,99% Anti-bacterial Certified Material Nozzle cleaning with warm water

(3)Tilted Nozzle Design to avoild splashing,nozzle could switch flexibly between these two modes for differnent needs with ease and hygiene.

When we are getting old, our mobility may decline and it becomes more and more difficult to clean ourselves after going to the toilet. Medical conditions such as ALS, MS, and other debilitating diseases can hardly use the bathroom without assistance, but with a best smart toilet, you can feel clean just by the touch of a button.More details of smart toilet are welcome to contact mazzam team.