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Mazzam Smart Toilets Become The Choice Of Most Families

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-08-25

      The bidet habit is getting necessory for daily wash. But normal bidet sprayer could only offer the washing, other problem can not be solved. Such as temperature, disinfections, positon, strength, self-cleaning etc. So in order to meet the people's need, the integral intelligent closestool is lauched to the sanitaryware market.

      The smart toilet bidet was originally used for medical treatment and elderly care. The cleaning of washlet toilet can effectively reduce anal diseases and bacterial infections in people's lower body parts, and greatly decrease the prevalence of gynecological and anorectal diseases. The water therapy of different intensities of the massage repeatedly acts on the washing part, promotes blood circulation, and prevents related diseases. Especially for constipation patients, it has the effect of promoting laxative.

      Toilet seat closes automatically is quite friendly for those who inconvinent to bend over. It reduce the infection while you need to open the lid manually. You could see from the Mazzam's customers sale volume feedback from the final consumers.


Cost-effective style recommendation

Top 1:Eir Comfort Height One-piece Elongated Intelligent Closestool

Top2: CUPC Floor Mounted Self Clean Smart Toilet Tankless Bidet MA9505 with large display screen.

5 years guarantee since the toilet delivery out after the manufactuer rigorous inspection.

Top3: TOTO D-shaped Bidet Seats Electronic Washlet Toilet