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Super Intelligent Bathroom Merchant -- New Year's Eve Ceremony in 2022

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

The 2022 New Year's Eve Thinking Grand Ceremony was held in Crown Plaza Nanhai Hotel, Foshan.

This is a New Year's Eve ideological exchange meeting based on the bathroom industry, with annual inventory, knowledge sharing, trend release, industry insight, cross-border learning as the core theme. Leaders of industry associations, leaders of brand enterprises, building materials shopping mall management representatives, decoration companies, designer institutions, upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises and mainstream media, elites gather together, celebrities gather, through the time and space tunnel of bathroom, "bath forecast " the future trend of the industry. 

In 2021, after the outbreak period of last year, the bathroom and related industries ushered in new challenges. How the industry thought out of the wall, a number of guests shared wonderful on the spot.

Guests from home decoration industry incremental trend analysis, bathroom space and product design trend, bathroom industry growth point, store operation new ideas, new marketing game, market growth, terminal research data report, etc., multi-dimensional comprehensive interpretation of consumer trend, predict market direction, explore bathroom cross-border fusion, discuss the new marketing battle.

Glory night Promote industrial progress

The progress of an industry cannot be separated from the breakthroughs of countless brands. With the purpose of "discovering the highlights of the industry and promoting industrial progress", Super Bath has carried out the excavation of excellent brands, excellent products, excellent stores and outstanding cattle merchants. The public attention ushered in a warm and grand "Super series of annual awards" award dinner."2021 Leading Brand", "2021 Growth Brand", "2021 Super Industrial Brand", "2021 Super Super Brand", "2021 Super Store", "2021 Outstanding Dealers" and other honors were announced in the evening.

An epidemic has changed the global pattern and industry ecology, regardless of international relations and economic trends; at the same time, with the advent of 5G era and the change of production and marketing mode, the bathroom industry has also bring in new opportunities and challenges.