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The best smart toilet options for 2022

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

What is the best smart toilet choice in 2022? 

Of course is Mazzam smart toilet.

Why “Mazzam” ?

We are the largest smart toilet manufacturer in China. Our factory are very proud to be the business partner of some world renowned brand. 

Our factory Annual output 1.6 million sets (1500 workers,210 R&D team,...);

And we have more than 200 designs in total and every year would launch 10 more items.

We have very professional team, who can offer us best business model. scientific management and most effective services.

1.The most important is the safety of the smart toilet.

The smart toilet is installed in the bathroom, so waterproofing is very important.

Our products:Water-proof design:IPX4 waterproof, designed to be splash-proof in all directions.

We have Eight Protection

  1. Double electric leakage protection design.
  2. Anti-dry burning: Water level induction controlled heating.
  3. Spontaneous combustion prevention.
  4. Temperature controller: Automatic fusing when the temperature is over 50°.
  5. Temperature sensor.
  6. Thermal fuse.
  7. Anti-low-temperature scald.
  8. Prevent internal water burst.

2. The most important motherboard of the smart toilet is our own production

Our factory is independent production main control panel.

With the background of IT technology enterprise for 30 years, perfectly combine with the company's products. The professional patch technology of SMT international standard production line makes the product have excellent moisture-proof performance. Every product will go through rigorous testing. With leak detection and protection functions to better ensure safety, allowing each Mazzam smart toilet has the most powerful core chip heart.

3. Intelligent Functions are an indispensable part of choosing a smart toilet. The mandatory functions of a smart toilet include heated seat, kick flushing, antibacterial and  deodorization, automatic flip, automatic flushing, self-cleaning nozzles, and flushing after power failure. These are more practical functions.

4.Intelligent Automatic flip technology

Dedicated Automatic flip motor, large torque, low resistance, no jamming.

Quiet and smooth. High-quality dampers, slow down, no sound.

Long working life, can withstand strict test more than 100 000 times.

The cover will automatically open when inducting people, and it will  automatically close 3 minutes after the toilet is used.

5.Health care

The seat and spray head are made of medical grade ABS particles and nano antibacterial materials, which can effectively antibacterial.

No rust, no cracks, no dirt.

Self-cleaning nozzle: it will be automatically cleaned every time it is extended and retracted, and it can be detached and washed.

Nowadays, people are beginning to pursue a comfortable and high-quality life. Mazzam Smart toilets have entered more and more families. In addition to the perceived warmth and comfort, they also bring a more clean and healthy toilet experience. Why not?