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The development trend of intelligent toilet

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

The development trend of intelligent toilet     

      The development of smart home is the general trend of modern life and it can be said to be inevitable. At present, the technical conditions are mature, but the corresponding equipment prices are still relatively high, and the general users cannot accept it. Therefore, there are no conditions for large-scale popularization. It is believed that it will develop in a few years. Prices have also been reduced accordingly. The development prospects are very optimistic!

      In the next few years, smart bathroom appliances will usher in a peak of development. When will the smart bathroom enter thousands of households?

      Under the tide of smart homes, modern technologies such as electronic control, digital and automation have been applied to the sanitary ware field. Toilets, shower rooms, bathtubs, bathroom cabinets and other products have achieved varying degrees of intelligence, among which smart toilets are particularly typical . Relevant data shows that the penetration rate of smart toilets in Japan is close to 90%, in South Korea over 60%, in Europe and America it has reached 35%, and the penetration rate in mainland China is less than 2%. A person in charge of a participating company revealed that the number of smart toilets in China is very low. In 2014, the domestic market sales were less than 300,000 units. In 2015, thanks to the promotional effect of the "toilet cover blog", the internal sales were estimated to be 800,000 units.Market Data showing that China market recent years facing a average 30-40% reduce of normal toilet but replace by smart toilet.According to the global smart toilet market research, it dominates the market for the forecast 2019-2025.

      What is a smart toilet The function of a smart toilet

      Everyone is familiar with toilets, so do you know what a smart toilet is? What are the functions of the smart toilet? Which brand of smart toilet is better? Of course, choose COBUILD's smart toilet. Let us answer for you one by one below.

What is a smart toilet?

The smart toilet originated in Japan. It was originally a medical device specially designed by hospitals for patients with hemorrhoids, and then gradually introduced into the home field. The intelligent toilet has multiple functions such as heating the lid, washing with warm water, drying with warm air, and sterilizing. The smart toilets currently on the market are roughly divided into two types, one is smart toilets with cleaning, heating, sterilization, etc., and the other is smart toilets that can automatically replace films.

Basic functions of smart toilet

1. Basic functions: Spray; Bidet; Warm seat;Air dry;Seat sensing;Soft closing;Warm water washing;

2, Health function: Oscillation;

3, Convenient function: intelligent knob;Infrared remote control;user memory function;Position adjustment;Water Temp adjusting;Seat Temp adjusting;water pressure adjusting;Wind Temp adjusting;

4, Comfortable features:Night light;Automatic deodorization;Cycling cleaning;Bubble wash;Power saving;Leakage protection;

5, Cleaning function:Antibacterial seat ;Antibacterial Tube;Nozzle self-clean;Tube self-clean;

6, Quick function: Auto flush;manual flushing;Flush during power off;

7, Auto open/Off;Kick flushing...


With the improvement of people's living standards and consumption power, and the popularization of smart technology in home life, the application of smart toilets has gradually expanded to individual households. In the long run, the smart toilet industry has a good development prospect.