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Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-09-06
  1. Body Cleaning

Washing with water cleans better than wiping with toilet paper. The cleaning function helps us stay clean and hygienic. The nozzle sprays clean water to fully wash your buttock, which can not only achieve the cleaning effect, but also help every family save toilet paper, reduce the consumption of paper, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

There is also FEMININE WASHING function which is specially designed for women who need to take more attention in body cleaning. And ENEMA is for constipated people. The single-hole water flow stimulates the external anal sphincter, helps to defecate smoothly.

  1. Warm Toilet Seat

During winter it’s such a challenge to sit on the frozen cold seat. While an intelligent bidet can solve this problem by its temperature adjustable seat. Humanized design allows the seat temperature to be set in 5 levels according to our using habit. It will remain the temperature same as human body temperature, which we no longer have to do a lot of mental preparation before sitting down.

  1. Smart Deodorization

Apply air purification technology to smart bidet. The intelligent induction automatically turns on when seated, quickly removes odors, and keeps you fresh for a long time. The anion cleaning will automatically start when the toilet closed. Since there are far more negative ions than positive ions, the negative ions in the air can continue to play the role of dust removal, odor elimination, and air improvement.

  1. Touchless Flushing

The intelligent bidet toilet will automatically flush when people leaving, completely liberate your hands, making the use more safe and hygienic. The kick sensor flushing is much convenient for men in family, you can easily flush the toilet with just one kick.



  1. Mazzam Smart Toilet Pricesmart Best Remote Control Auto Flush Wc Toilet MA-917

    Integrated intelligent toilets with dual flushing, which is a totally eco-friendly model for you. The minimalist look blends better with a variety of bathroom decor style.
  2. Mazzam Shower Toilet With Integrated Bidet Seat M18 Prodigy Smart Toilets

    You can choose black or white color according to your preference. The big LED screen of the black model shows the current running status of the smart wc.

    This model is also available in P-trap(180mm) and S-trap(300/400mm).

  3. Bathroom Smart Toilet Best Tankless Remote Control Toilets MA-919

    Advanced Japanese toilet, with golden edge design, which has luxury looks that makes your bathroom more stylish and fashionable.