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What can a smart toilet bring us in winter?

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

As time goes by, winter in the northern hemisphere is approaching. Here has a question for you guys, which I believe that many of us will say “yes”:

Have you ever been shivering or got “frozen” from the cold toilet seat when you go to the toilet?
I have, which is terrible.

In winter, the room temperature drops sharply, and the temperature of the toilet seat also drops with the room temperature which lower than the temperature of the human body. Thus, when we sit on the toilet seat, it’s like sitting on an ice in winter, terrible!

How to deal with this problem?

Some of us may choose to cushion the toilet seat. It works, but it is not hygienic.
Bacteria and spilled urine will remain on the cushion, which requires us to often take the cushion out and wash it, which is troublesome and unhygienic.

What if...a smart toilet seat that can adjust its temperature automatically, and added anti-bacterial material to avoid bacterial infection and ensure safety and hygiene?
Absolutely YEEEES!Who can refuse such a smart product?

The seat temperature is divided into 3 levels(Low, Medium, High) and off state. When not in use, it will maintain a temperature close to that of the human body, so we don’t need to spend time waiting for it to heat up to have a comfortable toileting experience. Isn’t it “cool” in the winter?

Mazzam smart toilet also equipped with anti-low-temperature scald function, humanized and intelligent adjustment of temperature to prevent low-temperature scalds caused by sitting for a long time. The toilet seat is made of medical grade ABS particles and Nano antibacterial materials, which can effectively antibacterial, ensure the safety and hygiene of the seat.


Not only the seat temperature is adjustable, the water temperature can also be adjustable. When you use cleaning function, you can adjust the water temperature according to your requirements. After finish cleaning function, you can warm air function to dry out the water drop as well.

With a smart toilet, the whole process of going to the toilet can make you warm like a spring breeze, letting you escape from the cold winter.


So why don’t you get one in your home?