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Why said a smart toilet is a friend of women?

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

      For female friends, the menstrual period accompanies most of their lives. The physical health, mental state, and even appearance of them are closely related to the menstrual period. During menstruation, women will experience some changes in their body, such as fatigue and weakened resistance, wounds left when the endometrium falls off, and the cervix is slightly opened. The acidic fluid secreted by the vagina is diluted by menstrual blood. If germs invade, it is easy to cause some disease. Therefore, personal hygiene care is extremely important.

      If you know something about the smart toilet, you will know that an important function of the smart toilet is female washing, which specially designed for women’s daily hygiene. Warm water is sprayed from a female nozzle, carefully cleaned to prevent bacterial infection.

      Because female friends are very sensitive, especially during menstruation, they will pay more attention to hygiene issues. Some people may worry that the water used by the smart toilet to wash the body is not clean. Regarding this issue, we can just rest assured.

      Bidet function is hygienic and healthy. The toilet has a built-in filter valve which makes sure the flushing water is clean, and the filtered water can completely contact the human body.

      Secondly, the nozzle is made of medical grade ABS particles and nano antibacterial materials, which can effectively antibacterial. It will be automatically cleaned every time it is extended and retracted, and it can be detached and washed.

      In addition, some friends may be worried about the water temperature. Different people have different usage habits, so they have different requirements for water temperature. However, our smart toilets fully consider this issue when designing. According to the user's personal preference, water temperature, seat temperature and wind temperature are adjustable in three levels (high 40, midium 37, low 34). When the water temperature reaches a certain value, it will automatically stop heating to prevent heat burns. Besides, our smart toilet specially design the function that humanized and intelligent adjustment of temperature to prevent low-temperature scalds caused by sitting for a long time, which ensure the safety when using it. And the water pressure can be adjusted to fit users’ need as well.

      The gynecologist said: "Cleanliness during menstruation is particularly important. Because the pelvic cavity, uterus, cervix, vagina, and external environment are all connected, this structure makes the female reproductive system particularly vulnerable to external pathogens, especially during menstruation. ” The emergence of smart toilets has largely solved this problem that has troubled for many years. It plays an important role in the cleaning and care of women, which can be said that it is a close partner of female friends.

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