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How to find a professional smart toilet manufacturer?

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

How to find a professional smart toilet manufacturer?

    In recent years, with the gradual maturity of technology and the application and promotion of 5G, the smart home market has developed rapidly. From smart toilets to smart home appliances, more and more smart home products have become popular in life.

    The research of technavio shows that the smart toilet market share is expected to increase by USD 4.18 billion from 2021 to 2026, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 8.41%. Under the influence of the market, more and more companies have joined the field of smart toilets, and many smart toilet manufacturers have emerged one after another.

    So how should we find a professional and reliable smart toilet factory?

A factory with the latest technology and strict quality control

    We will take the factory called Foxconn in the field of smart toilets Mazzam as an example.

    Mazzam is one of the few companies that has international standard SMT electronic control panel manufacturing equipment. The workshop is equipped with central air-conditioning to achieve constant temperature and humidity and 100,000 dust-free and anti-static. The control panel can already achieve dark production-from raw materials to final products, all processing, transportation, and inspection processes can be completed in the empty "Dark Factory", even without workers on duty.

    The Mazzam production base is constructed in strict accordance with the global advanced industry 4.0 standards. The intelligent information technology is deeply integrated with the industrial system through intelligent robots, AGV unmanned transport vehicles and other equipment and in-depth integration of intelligent information technology (Intelligent manufacturing center, automated assembly line, intelligent aging test line, ring assembly line, etc).

The competitiveness of the product

    At present, the smart toilets on the market basically have basic functions such as POSTERIOR, FEMINENE, AUTO-FLUSHING, HEATED SEAT and so on. However, as an emerging field, smart toilets still have a lot of room for development in technology. For a better user experience, we will naturally give preference to products that are more technologically advanced.

    As the world's top smart toilet super factory, Mazzam has a number of core technologies, including strong oscillation technology, three-spray-mode nozzles, ceramic-like plastic technology, positive and negative ion sterilization technology, automatic wall flushing, zero water pressure 2.0 System, three memory buttons, etc., many of these technologies are the first in the industry.

    Its core component control board adopts the international standard SMT production process, with mature and reliable electronic circuit design, including anti-interference design and high and low voltage isolation technology to ensure the safety and stability of the components. Products have to go through AOI optical inspection and 100% quality inspection to ensure that each control board can achieve superior quality.

    The patent technology of small water tank combines the advantages of instant heat products and thermal storage products. Faster heating, constant water temperature and continuous heating ensure the purity and hygiene of the water. Compared with the traditional instant heating type, it can effectively prevent the heater from rupturing in extreme environments in winter, which the quality is more safe and durable.

    The perfect combination of the smart toilet technology and the wall-mounted toilet, which obtained national invention patent, is the first time of this industry that wall-mounted automatic flushing technology can realizes off-seat automatic flushing or remote control flushing. It is also equipped with dual-core drive technology and the zero water pressure 2.0 system that solves the problem of flushing water pressure of smart toilets on higher floors.

More intelligent bidet models option

    I believe that no one wants to add a completely opposite style smart toilet to their well-decorated bathroom.

    Mazzam has more than 200 styles to choose from so far, and has been increasing the development of new styles every year. Some functions can also be customized according to your needs, so you don't need to worry about bathroom decoration anymore.