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Integrated Smart Toilet VS Smart Toilet Seat | Which to choose?

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

Nowadays, more and more people choose smart home products when decorating their houses, and smart toilets are one of the most popular ones.

Smart toilet, was originally used for medical and health care services. Later, people improved it and began to use it for daily use. With the continuous improvement of people's technology, integrated smart toilets have also appeared. The integrated smart toilet has better aesthetics, and the smart toilet seat is more cost-effective.

What’s the difference between smart toilet seat and integrated smart toilet? Should we choose a smart toilet seat or an integrated smart toilet?

For the first time customers who come into contact with smart toilets, they must be very curious about these two issues. This article will help you better understand and choose by introducing the advantages and disadvantages of smart toilet lids and integrated smart toilets.


First of all, let’s learn the similar main functions of the two, which are also their advantages compared to ordinary toilets.


1. Washing function

Instead of traditional toilet paper, it is cleaned directly by water, which is more hygienic and effectively inhibits viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause infectious diseases. While cleaning, it also has a massage effect. Different cleaning modes like posterior washing and feminine washing can also meet people's different washing needs.


2. Warm air drying

After water cleaning, we can use air drying function to dry out the moisture, reduce toilet paper residue. We can also adjust the wind temperature according to our preference.


3. Warm toilet seat

The ordinary toilet seat is cold in winter, and every time when we sit on it, it’s absolutely a bad experience. While smart toilet won’t have such problem. The seat temperature is adjustable, in normal situation during winter, it will maintain a temperature similar to human body’s, allow us have a more comfortable experience.


4. Automatic open/off and flush

The toilet lid will automatically open when the human body approaches through infrared sensing, and close and auto flush when leaving.


Next, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of the smart toilet seat and the integrated smart toilet.


Smart toilet seat


  1. Cost-effective

Compared with the integrated smart toilet, the price of the toilet seat will be much lower. The price of an integrated smart toilet is several times more expensive than a smart toilet seat. Even add the price of an ordinary smart toilet, it will be cheaper than an integrated smart toilet.

  1. Easy installation

The separate toilet cover is easy to install. Professionals can complete the installation in just a few steps, and even we can install it by ourselves. At the same time, it is easy to disassemble, eliminating the trouble of cleaning dead corners.

  1. Suitable for redecoration

It can be used on the original ordinary toilet, saving the purchase cost and avoiding the waste of the old toilet.

  1. Low maintenance cost

Please ask the professional to repair in time if the product breaks down. During the period when the smart toilet seat cannot be used, the normal use of the toilet itself will not be effected at all (since the flushing system is not controlled by the smart toilet seat).



  1. Smart toilet seat is not suitable for all toilets

The mainstream smart toilet lid products are all adapted to V-shape toilets. Besides, the smart toilet cover has restrictions on the distance between the water tank and the front end of the toilet seat and the distance between the installation holes.

  1. Reserve tap water pipes and power sockets

Most families who buy smart toilet seat do not reserve a power source, and can only be extended with a wiring board, which increases the insecurity factor.

  1. Inconvenient for the elderly and children

Smart toilet seat is often equipped with an operation panel with many buttons, which increases the difficulty of operation for the elderly and children. Wrong operation may result in failure to spray water, heat, and deodorize, etc. And may also cause circuit failure of the product itself.



Integrated smart toilet


  1. Nice appearance

Almost all smart toilets on the market are designed without a water tank, which the appearance is very simple and high-end.

  1. Stronger product integrity

The various functional designs of the integrated toilet can better utilize the space of the toilet itself to be laid out, which is more reasonable.

  1. Auto flush function

Some smart toilets use an electric flushing method, which has greater momentum and saves the space of the water tank.



  1. Expensive

The price of a smart toilet is much higher than that of a smart toilet seat.

  1. More suitable for newly renovated families

If your home is a newly renovated toilet, you can consider a smart toilet, but if your home wants to upgrade from a original toilet to a smart toilet, the original toilet will be wasted, which is not cost-effective.

  1. Maintenance problem

As an electrical product, the smart toilet contains electronic components such as motors and integrated circuits. If there is a problem, it cannot be solved by yourself. If the smart toilet fails, it cannot be flushed automatically.


There is almost no big difference in the functional parameters of the two. The integrated smart toilet has better aesthetics, and the smart toilet seat is more cost-effective. 

Whether it is an integrated smart toilet or a smart toilet cover, it can meet your daily use. Choose the combination of ordinary toilet + smart toilet cover is cheap and easy to install, which is more suitable for the general public. If you are looking for the appearance and functionality of the toilet, consider about the long-term comfort and beautiful home decoration, an integrated smart toilet would be the better choice for you.