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What is the next electronic item you need to upgrade?

Published by Mazzam Technology 2022-07-05

For today's young people, smart products are very attractive. From our frequently updated mobile phones, to small items such as smart toothbrushes and smart water cups, to large items such as smart home products, MAZZAM smart toilet manufacturers in china are paying more and more attention to upgrading our quality of life through technology.


So now, take a look at the toilet in your bathroom, is it still an old design from hundreds of years ago?


In recent years, the level of technology in toilets has continued to improve. From smart mirrors, smart showers, smart faucets, etc. to intelligent toilets, there has been great development. Especially the smart wc toilet has captured the hearts of many people in recent years. The toilets originated, and are most widely used, in Japan—hence the name “Japanese toilet” becoming the most common way to refer to one.


The practical functions of the smart bidet include cleaning function, seat heating, automatic flushing, etc. 


The cleaning function can clean the human body in time when people go to the toilet, which can help us reduce the use and waste of toilet paper, and better protect our environment, and of course is good for our health. Normally it will include POSTERIOR, FEMININE washing modes. The former washes the buttocks, and another is for ladies.


Warm seat function is another incredible function of the intelligent bidets. Anyone who has a toilet at home knows that in the winter, when we sit on the toilet unprepared, we will be freezing cold all over. But if you have a smart toilet, that will no more be a problem. The seat temperature can be adjusted to your most comfortable temperature, which means you can say goodbye to ice-cold seats tormenting you on those chilly winter nights forever.


As an intelligent toilet factory in china, Mazzam smart toilets have more than that. We are always stand by the sanitary ware brands who have OEM toilet request to enrich their sale sections.

Our high-end intelligent bidets have features include oscillation, temperature adjustment, bubble wash, power saving, leakage protection, automatic deodorization, nozzle self-clean, kick flushing, etc. Our bidet说 have been upgraded in terms of toilet cleaning, human health and ease of use, to increase the toilet’s functionality and the user’s experience.


This, is what a Japanese toilet is—the lavatory equivalent of a smartphone. A functional device with extra features you never knew you needed, but will appreciate once you experience them. There’s a chance you’ll never comfortably use a standard toilet again.


So what are you waiting for? Like many young people say, BUY EARLIER, ENJOY EARLIER.